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    Severed from your soul

    BlightMass is a Death Metal band from Lyon (France) and Tampa (Florida, U.S.A.) which was founded in 2014 under the moniker « Purgatory Unleashed » by Nattewølf and Enteronecrophile. The band draws its inspiration from the Old School Floridian and Swedish Death Metal scene with Black Metal influences. After a few demos with different line-up changes, the band recorded their first album intitled « Severed From Your Soul » with the American death metal singer Jesse Jolly (ex-Amon). BlightMass already shared the stage with bands from the death metal scene like Cannabis Corpse, Sadistic Intent, Hysteria and Mythridatic...

    Special Price: 9.89 € Regular Price: 10.99 €


    The great purpose of the lords

    CATALYST is a technical death metal band from France, delivering a powerful and intricate music. From pure brutal parts to heavy and catchy riffs, CATALYST create a unique atmosphere to take the listener to an unconventional universe, embellished by a fictional story written by the band, adding a real singularity to their songs. For fans of NILE, DEATH, OPETH and OBSCURA.

    10.99 €


    Empyreal vault

    Emerging from the technical death metal scene of Bordeaux, France, EMPYREAL VAULT presents a technical metal stemming from influences such FALLUJAH, WHITECHAPEL and RIVERS OF NIHIL.

    Special Price: 9.89 € Regular Price: 10.99 €


    Apocalyptic fate
    Special Price: 9.89 € Regular Price: 10.99 €


    Forest of chaos

    Second ravalement de façade pour les Aquitains de RED DEAD, et encore une fois les dents traînent sur le plancher ! Du death puissant, carré, old school semblant tout droit sorti du fond des ages mais bon sang ! Que cela fait du bien! Pas de technique outrancière, pas de démonstration inutile, non ! Efficacité, pugnacité, sagacité et tasse athée, tels sont les maîtres mots de ce brûlot infernal ! 

    Pour fans de old-MASSACRA, old-CANNIBAL CORPSE, old-OBITUARY, old-SEPULTURA.

    10.99 €


    Epitome of void
    Special Price: 7.19 € Regular Price: 7.99 €


    Chapter two

    Du old-school death metal avec des vocalises façon film d’horreur oscillant entre old-Death, Obituary, Autopsy, Gorefest époque « false ». Des solos slayeriens, des riffs et des structures de morceaux massifs et très old-school, une production des années 90 avec un mastering d’enfer fait par Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Pan-thy-monium & Bloodbath) au Unisound studio en Suède.

    Pour fans de death old-school dans la veine des vieux Death ; Obituary, Gruesome et Slayer première époque pour les solos

    10.99 €


    Chapter two

    Clear vinyl 180g, signed insert with lyrics.
    Limited hand-numbered edition (300 copies)

    15.99 €