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    Harbringer of lucidity


    Summoning the putrid

    "Summoning the Putrid", second album du groupe succédant à l’excellent "Forged Faith Bleeding" .
    Toutes les limites ont été repoussées tant en terme d'écriture que de production.
    Influencé par la scéne Scandinave des années 90, Dismember, Grave, Entombed en tête de liste; de nouvelles influences plus marquées venant d' Angleterre ( Carcass ) ou encore des USA ( Death, Autopsy ) se font sentir dans la musique .
    Ici pas de clavier ou de chant clair, du death metal à l' ancienne drivé par le son caractéristique de la boss HM2 .
    L'univers de H.P. Lovecraft se mêle parfaitement aux incantations macabre que contiennent les textes de Iron Flesh .
    Un pari réussit pour un second album qui dénote une personnalité encore plus affirmée .



    Nervous decay

    Death metal that reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death in that legendary band’s more intricate and adventurous phases of existence. It’s unmistakably savage and capably skull-busting, but it also takes some interesting twists and turns, from the start-stop episodes at the outset to episodes of ravaging mayhem and galloping passages loaded with ebullient fretwork. The time signatures change on a dime, repeatedly, as do the drum patterns. And the bestial vocals do a good job matching up with all the crazy things happening in the instrumental music



    Graceless planet


    Epitome of void


    Shrapnel storm

    The Finnish direct heirs of BOLT THROWER are back with a second album. SHRAPNEL STORM continues in its lineage with are death old school in the pure 90's tradition such as BOLT HROWER, MEMORIAM, HAIL OF BULLETS, GOREFEST & BENEDICTION. The artwork was entrusted to Petri SAARENMAA. The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in Finland at DANKO TONES STUDIO by Daniel "DANKO" RANTANEN. So here an album for nostalgic bands from the early 90's.

    Recommended if you like: BOLT THROWER, MEMORIAM & HAIL OF BULLETS



    The sickening rebirth

    Chaos is the new world order and humanity unable to learn from the past. Digitalization controls life and the society degenerates....2020 was a year that emphasizes what TERMINAL CARNAGE hammered on their debut album THE SICKENING REBIRTH.
    Stefan Walter (guitars, bass and vocals) formed the Old School Death Metal project TERMINAL CARNAGE in winter 2019. Initially a one-man project, Stefan composed and simultaneous recorded various songs for his project in his home studio (Warhead Productions Studio, Wiesenttal, Germany).
    In just three months Stefan had the complete material for the album ready, including lyrics, vocals and artwork. Markus Zillig a former band member of Stefan was asked to join the project contributing the drums and agreed. 
    The Death Metal tank TERMINAL CARNAGE was rolling!
    The final mix and mastering was done by Simon Hammer (Rebound Studio, Nuremberg).
    THE SICKENING REBIRTH started to live and is now ready to be unleashed!
    The album features 9 tracks of groovy Old School Death Metal, flavored with catchy, devastating riffs, killer-drums and bone-cracking vocals!
    Each song a unique hymn, an anthem to the roots of Old School Death Metal with enough soul to be outstanding of its kind!