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WRATHRONE - Eve of infliction

Ref.: GDRLP01
Format : LP
Style : Old-school death metal
Country : Finland
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16.99 €


The third opus of Finnish deathsters, Wrathrone, reeks confidently of rot and pus. The source of influences is varied but still rests firmly on old school approach. Careful listener will surely hear some Swedish tones along with some vibes from the US, without forgetting the melancholy and bitterness of the Finnish soundscape. If you get your favourite dose of ear bleed from the likes of Dismember, The Crown, At The Gates, Morbid Angel, Mordicus or Scum, this is your poison.
Wrathrone found their own sound solidly on their second offering, ”Reflections of Torment”, and ”Eve of Infliction” is the natural next step for the band. The crushing sonic force of the songs takes you deeper to the abyss you thought possible, but you might find that you want to stay there. ”Eve of Infliction” was recorded and mixed by mr. Danil Venho of Studio Redhouse and mastered by mr. Vesa Sillvan. 


1- As the knife cuts deep
2- Heartless absolute
3- Darkness concealing chaos
4- Infliction
5- Leader of the lost
6- We feast on fear
7- Web of lies
8- Sane - insane


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