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BLIGHTMASS - Severed from your soul

Ref.: GOUDJ092
Format : CD
Style : Death Metal
Country : France
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BlightMass is a Death Metal band from Lyon (France) and Tampa (Florida, U.S.A.) which was founded in 2014 under the moniker « Purgatory Unleashed » by Nattewølf and Enteronecrophile. The band draws its inspiration from the Old School Floridian and Swedish Death Metal scene with Black Metal influences. After a few demos with different line-up changes, the band recorded their first album intitled « Severed From Your Soul » with the American death metal singer Jesse Jolly (ex-Amon). BlightMass already shared the stage with bands from the death metal scene like Cannabis Corpse, Sadistic Intent, Hysteria and Mythridatic...


1- Pale child (intro)
2- My embrace
3- Destruction inevitable
4- Mysery from martyrdom
5- Invert ascension
6- Severed from your soul
7- When he wakes
8- Grave hatred
9- Scortched atrocity
10- They will listen to the dead (feat. Ralph Santolla)
11- To have bled the price
12- Vision of desolation (outro)
13- Black star (CARCASS cover) feat. Olivier Gabriel



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