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    Terrified beyond measure

    Gorebringer is a British melodic death metal band from London, formed in 2017. All members have brutal death metal and melodic death metal background. The band’s current sound can be described as ‘melodic death metal with gory themes’. The band’s sound is slightly blackened and somewhat technical, but melodic and yet dirty.



    Grind cumpaign


    Summoning the putrid

    "Summoning the Putrid" second album of the band following the excellent "Forged Faith Bleeding" .
    All the limits have been pushed in terms of song writing and production .
    Influenced by the Scandinavian scene from the 90's, Dismember, Grave, Entombed as head liner; stronger new influences from England ( Carcass ) or the USA ( Death, Autopsy ) can be now heard in the music .
    Here, no keyboard or clean vocals, only old school death metal driven by the typical sound of the boss HM2 .
    H.P. Lovecraft universe is perfectly melting with ghoulish spells contained into Iron Flesh lyrics .
    A successful bet for a second album with a stronger personnality .



    The perfect killing machine
    Furious metal veterans with 30 strong years in the bag.
    There is a decidedly cool Danish thread when Danish LIPID takes the stage! Through 30 strong years, Lipid has kept the heavy metal fan high both at home and abroad! And with 2 international critically acclaimed releases, main support for Paul Dianno and Testament and several concerts in e.g. Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark, there can be no doubt that the band has cemented their status in the metal world.
    On "Hagridden" and "Deliver us from evil", both of which have been released globally on English Copro records, you will find a strong back catalog such as Devolution magazine name their songs as Danish metal classics. Not even the legend Bruce Dickinson could resist playing "He Who Hates All" on his own radio program on the BBC.
    With their solid CV in the back, the band is preparing for their upcoming CD release in november 2023, where “The perfect killing machine” will be released worldwide.
    With classics such as "Dressed In Fear", "God We Have Slain" and "Nice Day On The Road", LIPID is always ready for entertaining headbangers !
    For fans of Testament, Slayer and Sepultura.


    Fake salvation


    Epitome of void
    Special Price: $4.61 Regular Price: $10.07


    Winds of torment

    SCORN’s album Winds of Torment is, as the cover shows, a crude digest of hatred and violence, of contempt for humanity and the whole human race.
    Through the ten tracks that make up the album, the listener will be led to take part in various paintings of hate and death, revenge, envy, suicidal thoughts, mental destruction, deep doubt and shattered ambition with only the bright light of hatred and utter contempt for hope in humanity as its guide. Are you ready to see your primary reflection in the mirror?

    For fans of:
    Overkill, Exodus, Testament, Revocation, Coroner, Warbringer, Misery Index



    Shrapnel storm

    The Finnish direct heirs of BOLT THROWER are back with a second album. SHRAPNEL STORM continues in its lineage with are death old school in the pure 90's tradition such as BOLT HROWER, MEMORIAM, HAIL OF BULLETS, GOREFEST & BENEDICTION. The artwork was entrusted to Petri SAARENMAA. The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in Finland at DANKO TONES STUDIO by Daniel "DANKO" RANTANEN. So here an album for nostalgic bands from the early 90's.

    Recommended if you like: BOLT THROWER, MEMORIAM & HAIL OF BULLETS