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Thrash Metal



    Winds of torment

    SCORN’s album Winds of Torment is, as the cover shows, a crude digest of hatred and violence, of contempt for humanity and the whole human race.
    Through the ten tracks that make up the album, the listener will be led to take part in various paintings of hate and death, revenge, envy, suicidal thoughts, mental destruction, deep doubt and shattered ambition with only the bright light of hatred and utter contempt for hope in humanity as its guide. Are you ready to see your primary reflection in the mirror?

    For fans of:
    Overkill, Exodus, Testament, Revocation, Coroner, Warbringer, Misery Index



    Release the beast



    The new album "Propaganda“ of the german thrash metal band War Agenda combines the best of the 80's/90's BAY AREA Thrash Metal, with a massive and modern sound! The band is mainly influenced by EXODUS , MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, SLAYER & KREATOR, but contains a personal interpretation of the Thrash genre. The lyrics tell the stories of the global situations we're currently facing, sung with power and emotion that will catch you with the first note. Every song has its special taste an soul given by each band member. The melodies guide you from awesome solos back to head banging beats that devastate your ears. An Album you should not miss in your collection.

    Recommended if you like: Exodus, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, Kreator